Asset Tokenization Services

Turnkey Preparation & Implementation

We help blockchain platforms and asset owners prepare for tokenization.

We help these groups and their advisors with any of the legal, technological or business development services needed to successfully, and compliantly, tokenize high value assets.

Digitizing Rights to Real World Assets

Helping asset owners, investors and blockchain platforms to tokenize assets


Increased Liquidity

Community Building

New Financing Sources

Liquidity Premiums

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We Pay up to 100% of the Upfront Costs for Offering Documents

(from very experienced law firms)

Reg D, Reg S, Reg A


natural resources

Strategy Design

Structure, platform(s) and go to market planning

offering documents

Whitepapers, SEC, BlueSky, FINRA, & other regulatory filings

Newco formation

Management, Accounting and Lien / Security Interest filings and management.

asset appraisals

from accredited third parties

Platform Selection

Due diligence, Syndication, and/ or Coordination with existing tokenization platforms

marketing assistance

Insider Knowledge to the metrics, tactics and costs of other successful projects


Broker / dealer & ATS (alternative trading system) selection, distribution, licensure, JVs, feasibility or other support.

smart contract creation

Design, test and operationalize smart contracts on the blockchain

Compliant Offering Structures

Asset tokenization draws on a combination of traditional investment offerings and technological innovations of the blockchain.
We can help put the right business model, legal structure and go to market strategy in place for the right tokenization business model. 


Tokenizing Real Estate on the Blockchain, Mariat Vidal

Traditional Asset Tokenization, Professor Stephen McKeon

How Tokenization is Putting Real World Assets on the Blockchain, NASDAQ

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