Structured Real Estate Opportunities

Reduced downside and better upside than you can find on your own.

*All real estate brokered through SummitCrest unless otherwise indicated.

Current Opportunities

Rates of a Luxury Hotel

for the Investment of a Storage Unit

Be an owner in an expanding worldwide network of micro hotel units.  Many of these enjoy the nightly rates of luxury hotel rooms ($400+ / night) with occupancy requiring several weeks in advance.  At construction costs averaging $50,000 or less, this concept offers a unique opportunity for investors. 

200% ROI Developer Buyback Guarantee

Prominent Canadian homebuilder offering lots in growing Caribbean island.  


Investor can build home in exclusive development or resell lot after two years to developer.  High rental income potential with attractive long term appreciation potential if investor elects not to flip property back to developer.

Market downturn protection also provided.

Turnkey Fix-and-Flip Central Florida

Average 30% Profits & 90 Day Holds

Turnkey 'fix and flips' in partnership with strong acquisition and rehab team that has experience with hundreds of units in the area.

Very strong local contacts allows group to have earliest access to the best opportunities.  Typical hold time is less than six months; limited inventory is available as investors typically continue to co-invest on many units. 

Some of Our Tools

bulk purchases

downturn protections

price guarantees

turnkey management

Developer BuyBacks

co-investments & financings

preferred exits

exclusive pricings